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my musings


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1 October 1967
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i'm just a simple mechanic, in July of 2004 i moved from a ghetto in southern california to a ghetto in spokane, washington. if you have any questions, my email address and messenger IDs are right there ^

Cyber Nations, a nation simulation game

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In America, about 1 out of 20
high school students identify
themselves as gay, lesbian,
bisexual or transgendered.
I am one of them!
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"Hit-and-run commenting" is a behavior in which people post a comment, frequently containing nasty remarks which the commenter does not wish to be seen in public but wishes myself or the commenter they are following up to receive in email, then immediately delete the comment before anyone else can see it. This constitutes legal notice that I reserve the right to copy and repost at my discretion, at the security level of the original post to which the comment was made, any part or all of the content of any comment made to this journal, regardless of whether the comment is subsequently deleted. If you don't want it seen in public, don't post it in my journal; it's that simple. I don't care WHAT copyright claims you may care to make regarding content posted in your own journal; this is MY journal, and you will abide by MY fair-use rights for anythng you post in it. By commenting in my journal, you explicitly agree that my intent to preserve and display your comment as stated above does not in any way constitute a violation of law, of ethics, or of LiveJournal's Terms of Service, and you explicitly acknowledge full fair-use rights with regard to all or any part of your comment by myself or any other commenter in my journal.
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My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Sibling Rail Gun of Quiet Reflection.

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aesir, ammunition, anti-television, ar-10, asatru, bad horror movies, bagpipes, bbq, bbw, bdsm, beowulf, bestiality, bisexuality, black metal, black powder, black powder revolvers, blues, body mods, bondage, books, building models, candle making, candles, cats, cbt, celtic music, chain mail, chaos, classic rock, classical, computers, concealed carry, cooking, corsets, counted cross stitch, crossdressing, darkness, death metal, discipline, dogs, domination, drum circles, drums, dungeons & dragons, eddas, enfield, erotica, experimental music, fetish, fiddle, firearms, fishing, floggers, folklore, forgotten realms, freaks, gamers, gaming, gay rights, goth, guncrafter industries, guns, handguns, heathanism, heather alexander, heavy metal, hedonism, hot tubs, interesting sexual discussion, international harvester, international scout, international scout 2, iron maiden, judas priest, large calibre hanguns, leather, legos, loki, long hair, lots of guns, marlin firearms, masturbation, mexican food, monty python, mossburg, motorcycles, music, mythology, neopets, norse, odinism, old cars, oldschool video games, pagan, paganism, pain, painting miniatures, pegging, percussion, philosophy, piercings, pink pistols, politics, polyamory, punk, racing, ragnarok, reading, rebellion, redheads, renaissance faires, rifles, robert heinlein, rock music, rocky horror picture show, role playing games, ruger, runes, sarcasm, sca, science fiction, sex, sex magic, shadowrun, sharp pointy objects, shooting, shotguns, smoked meats, smoking, social outcast, spokane, submission, swords, swordsmanship, target shooting, tarot, tattoos, thor, threesomes, viking history, vintage vinyl, vtm, wa, warrior women, washington state, weirdos, whips, wyrds, yggdrasil, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

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